Check out the Symposium’s three post conference workshops. Space is limited.


Relationships Matter:
Navigating Adolescent Relationships

Karin Coyle, PhD | ETR Associates

8 am to 3 pm
Wednesday, April 18
Cost: $100

This workshop will share research on the importance of relationships in adolescent development, including with peers, parents, and romantic partners. Attendees will explore relationship education programs (including dating violence programs) and social emotional learning programs and examine four approaches (developmental, reframing, drawing from literature, youth voice).

Speakers will share how to add relationship content to existing programming, as well as discuss social media and its influence on relationship development.

Attendees will practice addressing common and sensitive relationship questions from youth in a way to preserve autonomy and receive resources for promoting quality relationships.

How to Be a Better Advocate:
Crafting and Telling Your Story

Courtney Weaver |
Texas Association of Community Health Centers

8 am to 3 pm
Wednesday, April 18
Cost: $100

Whether you are talking to your neighbor or a legislator, the ability to effectively and persuasively communicate about an issue is a valuable asset for every professional. In this workshop, we’ll provide a practical, hands-on look at how each of us, as citizens, can impact the world around us by focusing on what to say and how to say it.

We will help you identify your policy goals and craft an advocacy plan that includes the right audience, the right message and the right communications vehicles to deliver it. When you are armed with an effective advocacy plan, you can be a part of the conversation, influence the decision-making process and achieve your communication and policy goals.

Because people learn by doing, not just hearing, we will work to make the session interactive with opportunities to practice newly found skills. You will walk away feeling more confident and capable of delivering your message to the media, with key stakeholders and policymakers, and to any other audiences you encounter.

Design Thinking in
Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Jennifer Farmer, MS, CHES | Texas A&M

Two-Days: 8 am to 5 pm
Wednesday, April 18 & Thursday, April 19
Cost: $200 (WAIT LIST ONLY)

This can’t miss professional development opportunity hosted by Texas A&M University’s iTP3 team is designed to provide public health, health education, and social work professionals with hands-on experience applying design thinking to teen pregnancy prevention.

Design thinking is a practical, creative, and fast-paced process for solving problems. Rooted in empathy, design thinking begins with developing a deep understanding of the end user and the core problems that need to be addressed. Another unique feature of design thinking is its ability to promote new ways of thinking and exploring new alternatives, often resulting in solutions that were not previously evident!

Over the course of this two-day post conference workshop, participants will work together through a guided design thinking process to gain a deeper understanding of teen pregnancy within their community and begin exploring potential solutions.

A limited number of scholarships are available for this two-day workshop. Please indicate your interest in applying during the registration process.