August: Teen Parents & Parents of Teens

POSTPONED - Teen Dads: Where are They? How are They?


August 5

10-11 am


Jessica Mejia, MyParenTeen Life 


It is very easy for social service providers to place their focus on teen moms but this session will bring awareness to the absent parent - the dad. Participants will discuss areas that teen dads may struggle with including trauma, child support payments, staying in school, being a father to multiple children, mental health issues, and more. Research focused on teen dad statistics, and interviews from former teen dads who are now adults, will also be shared. The presenter, a former teen mom, will share her own personal story - both successes and struggles, to raise her son into a healthy and educated young man. 


Learning Objectives: 

  • Identify trauma in teen dads 

  • Examine the perspective of a teen dad, when he becomes an adult 

  • Examine different perspectives between a teen mom and a teen dad 

Trauma-Informed Approaches for Young Parents


August 12

10-11 am


Joya Cleveland & Kasey Hughart, MSW, Tulsa Public Schools 


The Strong Tomorrows program, based out of Tulsa Oklahoma, serves expectant and parenting students by providing information and education in the Tulsa Public School district to young parents so they can be successful as both students and parents.. This session will focus on how to form collaborative relationships that open the door for new learning experiences and allows students to be successful in their own way. 


Learning Objectives: 

  • Identify practices implemented by the Strong Tomorrows program that are trauma informed 

  • Identify symptoms of trauma in young parents 

  • Give examples of organizations practices to be trauma informed 


August 19

10-11 am

Best Practices for Building Skills of Parents and Caregivers of Teens


Esmerelda Jeffries, UT Health San Antonio / UT Teen Health


This session will build the capacity of attendees to empower parents/caregivers to engage with teens about sexual health and decrease stigma around conversations about sexual health. Attendees will learn about a curriculum used in San Antonio and hear about common myths that teens have regarding sexual health. 


Learning Objectives: 

  • Identify strategies to empower parents/caregivers to engage with teens about sexual health 

  • Incorporate best practices to help parents/caregivers decrease stigma around conversations about sexual health 

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