July: Advocacy

Shared Session: Title X in Texas + ACA Outreach to Millennials and Gen Z


July 8

10-11:30 am

Part 1: Title X in Texas 


Kami Geoffray, JD, Every Body Texas (formerly: Women’s Health and Family Planning Association of Texas)


For nearly 50 years, the Title X family planning program has supported the delivery of family planning and related health services for free or at low cost. Title X providers in Texas also are able to offer these services confidentially when needed—to both adults and adolescents. This session will offer an overview of the Title X program in Texas, a review of recent changes to the Title X family planning program nationally and in Texas, and a discussion of the implications of these changes—for both adults and adolescents. Understanding that adolescents face additional barriers to accessing reproductive health care in many communities across Texas, this session will also provide tools for locating Title X services and resources for supporting adolescents in accessing Title X services. 


Learning Objectives: 

  • Describe recent changes to the Title X family planning program nationally and in Texas 

  • Discuss how Title X family planning services currently are delivered in Texas 

  • Locate Title X services in their communities and support adolescents in accessing Title X services


Part 2: ACA Outreach to Millennials and Gen Z 


Aurora Harris & Christina Long, MA, Young Invincibles 


Young Invincibles (YI) is 10 years old—nearly as old as the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). YI formed to give 18- to 34- year-olds a voice in one of the most important public policy debates in our lifetime. Since then, they’ve never stopped educating young adults about the benefits of the ACA. During this session, learn how to best reach young adults to educate them about new options, the core messages important to young people considering coverage and how to build strategic partnerships with community colleges. 


Learning Objectives: 


  • List five key messages important to Millennials and Generation Z when considering ACA coverage 

  • List two reasons community colleges make for strategic partnerships in reaching young adults and develop one strategy for their organization to partner with institutions that serve young adults. If their organization currently partners with young adult serving groups, participants will develop a strategy to strengthen the partnership 

  • Explain open enrollment and young adult outreach 

10 Ways to Support Reproductive Healthcare in Texas: An Advocacy Listicle


July 15

10-11 am


Jen Biundo, MPaff, Texas Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

Erika Ramirez, MPA, Healthy Futures of Texas 


Reproductive healthcare advocacy in Texas – it’s not just for policy wonks. Every legislative session, lawmakers make decisions around reproductive health issues that reverberate to impact teens and young adults statewide. Youth-serving professionals have a front row view of the help or harm caused by these policy decisions, but may struggle to make their voice heard at the Capitol. This pragmatic skills-building session will offer actionable ways in which social workers, clinicians, educators, parents, youth, and those outside of the policy sphere can advocate for reproductive healthcare access and high-quality sexual health education. Offered by two presenters who led major advocacy efforts around reproductive healthcare in the 86th Legislative session, this session will take the mystery out of the process and highlight useful tools to stay in the loop on moving legislation and amplify your voice to decision-makers. 


Learning Objectives: 

  • Recall the policy landscape that shapes reproductive healthcare in Texas 

  • List 10 ways that Texans can advocate for reproductive healthcare 

  • Describe online tools to track pending legislation, create print collateral, and spread the word on grassroots efforts. 

Removing Barriers: Is Free, Over the Counter Birth Control a Possibility? 


July 22

10-11 am


Danielle Ellis & Avery Kester, UT Health San Antonio School of Medicine & Eleni Pacheco, Healthy Futures of Texas 

Is free, over-the-counter birth control a possibility for San Antonio? What about the entire country? Learn more about the MetroHealth POPs Project - a study measuring access and attitudes towards contraceptives here in our city - and join advocates from across the nation to back supporting legislation. 


Learning Objectives: 

  • Discuss the theory and context behind providing free oral contraceptives in an over-the-counter model. 

  • Identify strategies used by MetroHealth in securing funding for and implementing a free, over-the-counter model of oral contraceptive access. 

  • Identify policies from states that are already implementing over-the-counter oral contraceptive access. 

  • Develop advocacy communication in support of legislation that promotes free, over-the-counter oral contraceptive access. 

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