June: Working with Youth

The Truth About Youth Collaboration


June 10

10-11 am


Kelly Sowards Opot & Angel Jackson, Harris County Youth Collective

Youth inclusion and hearing from those with lived experience is an important part of providing services and designing programs for youth. Even though there are examples out there, we still struggle, fumble and often end up retraumatizing or tokenizing youth and young adults. This session will teach participants what to look for, how to be better about inclusion and tips and tools for including youth and young adults in program design, system change and policy work. 


Learning Objectives: 

  • List the difference between tokenizing and including 

  • Develop strategies for including and reaching out to youth with lived experience 

  • Identify tools and partners for supporting their work with youth with lived experience 

TL;DR: Using Technology to Help Teens Access Family Planning Services


June 24

10-11 am


Graci D’Amore, Eleanor Grano, & HK Gray, Jane’s Due Process 


In this session, participants will hear from a youth activist to gain an understanding of the legal barriers that young people face when trying to prevent pregnancy in Texas. They will also learn how Jane’s Due Process is supporting teens through SMS to increase adolescent access to confidential family planning services. Information on how to support young people who need to make an appointment for confidential family planning services, referral resources for those who reside in contraceptive deserts, and how to safety plan around sexual shame will also be discussed. 


Learning Objectives: 

  • Examine legal barriers that young people face when trying to prevent pregnancy in Texas 

  • Identify resources and referral services appropriate for young people under 18 who have expressed reproductive and sexual health needs. 

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